Saturday, July 23, 2011


By Harish Kumar

Sri Aurobindo dedicated his life to bringing about the manifestation of the truth-conscious Supermind on this planet, so that it would become the governing principle of life on Earth. His Integral Yoga was aimed at the establishment of a Divine Life and the divinisation of matter by dethroning Mind and making Supermind the primary instrument of the new creation.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (known as Thea to her students) has in her works given a complete exposition of the descent and action of Supermind in this world. She has given the keys (by way of number-power, zodiacal tradition and the sacred sciences) to understand the action of Supermind and how one can consciously participate in the evolution (supramentalisation) of humankind and the establishment of a gnostic society. By unveiling the secrets of the ancient zodiac, she has objectively established the fact that India is the Guru amongst nations, whereas others make this claim merely out of nationalistic fervour and by way of repeating the old formulas.

Thea's cosmology has proven empirically that Sri Aurobindo is Vishnu's 9th Avatar according to rigorous Vedic prescriptions, she has proven that Sri Aurobindo's most conclusive victory was the process of his death and return, what exactly that means in the Supramental Manifestation, and why it was necessary. She has presented the Formula he cemented in his own symbol and shown how it has worked meticulously in India particularly through two Lines, Solar and Lunar, and how the entire development of the new independent India has taken place according to His Formula.

Yet, we neither see an enthusiastic acceptance nor an informed criticism of her works. Why exactly are her prescriptions wrong? What exactly is the mechanism of the operations of Supermind, if not the one explained by Thea? We do not hear anything on these lines. Instead all we hear is mindless accusations levelled against her, ad hominem attacks, false charges and accusations of self-glorification from self-styled spokespersons of the community.

Scientific progress happens through a process of developing a hypothesis and testing it against observable phenomenon. If the observed phenomenon does not correspond to the hypothesis, it is discarded and a new one is propounded which explains the reality around us.

Occultism, as the Mother opined, is also a science since it is reproducible. Occult experiments have a universal validity and can be tested. Nobody accused Einstein of self-glorification when he proposed The Theory of Relativity to explain the orbital eccentricity of Mercury. Rather it was tested against observable data and on this strength it was accepted or rejected. Those who put their faith in Newtonian Mechanics and disagreed with Einstein gave valid reasons for doing so and did not spend their time making ad hominem attacks against Einstein.

If Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet is wrong, what exactly is the view and tested hypothesis of the Aurobindonian Community regarding the mechanism of the Supramental Descent and its establishment as the governing principle on this planet? What exactly is the mechanism and its time-frame, if any, for its descent and demonstrable action? What is their opinion on the Return of Sri Aurobindo and the role he would play in the creation of a gnostic society? If he would be the prototype of the Gnostic Being, would the descent of Supermind be initiated by his return and if so, how and when would this take place?

Sri Aurobindo stated that India is conscious of her mission in the world and is waiting for the exterior means of its manifestation. What is the Aurobindonian Community doing to facilitate those means? In what way has its failure to rise to this momentous occasion negatively affected conditions in India and delayed its promised renaissance?

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Theofilia said...

Hi Robert, I don't concern myself with what is going on in Pondicherry, but am glad yesterday I chanced upon this blog.

I haven't read, aside from the odd quote on internet forum (over the years) any of Sri Aurobindo's works, thinking "who am I to think I would understand his work, let alone compare my work to that of this giant of consciousness?".

That changed however, and in my blog I share 'stories' on how I was "directed" to read his work by series of synchronistic occurences, and was surprised to learn just how simmilar our 'Work' is!

I (even) share our meetings, in-subtle with him and (his) words of encouragment. In todays blog I included a link where I mention our 'meeting'.

I was inspired to comment here because you wrote "If he would be the prototype of the Gnostic Being, would the descent of Supermind be initiated gy his return, and if so, how and when would this take place?"

In 1990' , according to my frightened husband, and in his words "your head lit up like the Sun and I couldn't see you" (for several minutes in the bright of day) during which, from the far end of the room - now seated - with quick glances in my direction and shooing away hand gestures pleading "don't do that I can't see you" , during my heart-breaking hollering, demanding to KNOW "what is REAL thruth and beauty!!!?"

That was just a begining...the rest of my 'Initiations' were/are just as startling. Both Shiva/Shakti 'triangles' have worked their magic into me.

If curious (?) pls. visit my spiritspeaks-theofilia blogspot, where I share my writing to
Pondicherry folks, thinking they might be glad to hear this.

Helen (Theofilia)